Class Attendance Regulations

Effective from 2014/2015 academic year

  1. Class attendance is obligatory. Students are required to attend all classes of the courses for which they enrolled upon, provided that the implementation of the following stipulations are not affected.
  2. For each enrolled course in the programmes, a minimum attendance of 70% is required for students to be eligible to participate in final examination (90% for practicum courses; 100% for practicum courses of the Social Work programme). Otherwise they will not be allowed to take the final examinations, and a failing grade will be given to courses where there are no final examinations.
  3. The class attendance rate is calculated according to the course instructor’s record. Instructors may register class attendance as soon as the class commence.
  4. Only the following situations are considered as reasonable absences: (The maximum hours of reasonable absences must not exceed 20 per cent of the total lecture hours)
    a. Representing the Macao Special Administrative Region to participate in any competitions / events or carrying out official duties, with valid proof documents.
    b. Representing Sports Associations of Macao in participating sports competition, with valid proof documents issued by the Sports Associations.
    c. Representing Macao Polytechnic Institute in participating competitions / events, with valid proof documents issued by academic / administrative units / student unions of MPI.
    d. Not being able to attend classes for medical reasons, with valid proof documents issued by Health Centres of the Macao Health Bureau, the Hospital Conde S. Januário, the Hospital King Wu or the University Hospital of Macau University of Science and Technology.
    e. Situations or events caused by force majeure, with valid proof documents.
  5. Students unable to attend classes due to any of the above reasons should report to the Registry with valid proof documents within five working days after the resumption of classes. Otherwise the absence will be classified as ‘unreasonable absences’.
  6. In cases of appeals regarding the class attendance records, students should provide valid proof documents to the Registry at least 10 working days before the final examinations end. For courses without final examinations, it should be reported at least 10 working days before the term ends. The final decisions of such appeals are made by the instructors concerned, after consideration of all the evidence presented; the Registry makes corrections to the attendance record according to the decision.

Medical Written Prove

Only medical written proof issued by one of the health centers of the Macao Health Bureau, the Hospital Centre of C.S.J., the Kiang Wu Hospital or University Hospital will be accepted as valid medical written proof of absence justification for all MPI students (except those candidates for ACS, and CFCPE). Therefore, all other medical written proof issued by other health centers will not be accepted by MPI and thus not valid for absence justification.

Should students encounter any queries please do not hesitate to contact DAMIA or call to 8599 6111 or 8599 6149.

Guidelines for Class Attendance Regulations Item no.4