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Curso de Licenciatura em Música

Awarding body/institution 頒授機構 Macao Polytechnic Institute
Responsible school 負責學校 School of Arts
Endorsement  in the Official Gazette 政府公報批示 35/2009
Name of final award / programme Title 學位及課程名稱 Bachelor of Arts in Music
Duration of study 學習年期 4 years
MPI programme code 理工課程編號 4LUEDC
FHEQ level of award FHEQ學歷水準 Level 6
Academic units which will also be involved in teaching part of the programme
Primary and secondary schools of Macao (for music education practicum)
Institution(s) other than MPI that will provide some teaching to the programme
The Macao Orchestra, The Macao Chinese Orchestra, Macao Conservatory (for partial instruments teaching)


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