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Atribuição do Prémio de “Melhor Professor” do IPM - 2016/2017 Professor Premiado

Dr. Lily Lim, School of Languages and Translation


Having received the Teaching Excellence Award, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the trust and recognition of the Management Board and the Director with regard to my teaching and performance. I feel so honored to receive the Award, especially when we have more than 50 teachers in our school. I know that all teachers dedicate a lot to their teaching and give their best to their students, and I feel very lucky for this Award.

I will use the acronym of our institute IPM for the sharing of my teaching experience.

I represents Impartiality
Being the teacher, I should treat all students on an equal basis. Each class consists of outstanding and less able students. Good students usually sit in the front rows, answering questions and interacting well with the teacher, whereas students at the back give not much response. If teachers take the attitude of “let them be”, then the communication gap will grow larger. When students have difficulty to answer a question, instead of avoiding asking them next time, I will let them have more chances to speak and answer questions, or assist them to reach the answer so that they can have a sense of satisfaction and belonging to the class. In addition, teachers should let the students know that their scores are based on their learning outcomes, and not on teachers’ prejudgement. Students will be willing to make efforts only when they feel being treated equally.

If I don’t want students to do a particular thing, I will give them reasons and persuade them to be disciplined, instead of ordering them “don’t do this”, or “don’t do that”. For example, I will ask students to turn their mobile phone to vibration mode during my interpreting classes, by telling them that they are trained to be interpreters and it will be unprofessional for interpreters to allow their mobile phone ring during their tasks, and ask speaker and audience to wait a while for them to finish the phone call. Upon knowing the reasons, the students willingly avoid using mobile phones in the class.

Motivation – speaking more encouraging words
Disheartening words should not be hurled to students with poor performance. Instead, they should be encouraged by motivating words. Also, I believe students should know that teachers are always around to assist them, and overcome their learning difficulties. The teacher is their good mentor.

In short, I adopt the student-oriented approach in my teaching. Being student-oriented does not mean spoiling them, but rather to create an optimal learning environment, where students’ creativity can be cultivated and their potential be revealed.

Finally, I would like to thank the relevant departments for arranging this sharing session, thanks to the support of my colleagues, and to the students who put their efforts in their studies and let us shape and mould them. Here I hope that the Management Board and the school will continue to give their valued support, trust and encouragement to all the teachers. Thanks a lot!

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