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Ensino e Aprendizagem

Ensino e Aprendizagem

Atribuição do Prémio de “Melhor Professor” do IPM - 2016/2017 Professor Premiado

Dr. Ng Su Pan, School of Physical Education and Sports


First of all, I would like to thank the Institute, whose support and encouragement have enabled me to complete my master and doctorate studies, and thereby improve my teaching. I would also like to thank the Director and colleagues of the School of Physical Education and Sports for their assistance and cooperation. This award is a recognition of my commitment to excellent teaching and an invaluable gift before my retirement. I feel very much honoured and cannot thank you enough.

I am also grateful to my students, who have always trusted and supported me. During my years of teaching, I deeply felt the importance of an optimal teacher-student relationship. Aside from class interactions and communication, I enjoy spending time with my students outside of class in various activities. This is a great chance to build a good relationship with them. I think if I respect and trust my students, they would do the same to me. I also think that a teacher must be fair to all students – this must be the foundation to all teacher-student relations and by extension to all teaching activities.

Last but not least, I wish all my colleagues and students great success in their work and studies.

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