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Ensino e Aprendizagem

Ensino e Aprendizagem

Atribuição do Prémio de “Melhor Professor” do IPM - 2016/2017 Professor Premiado

Dr. Chan Ka Yin, School of Business


I feel very much honoured to be presented with this Teaching Excellence Award by the management. I would like to extend my heart-felt thanks to the management’s unremitting guidance, my colleagues’ unfailing support, the administrative staff’s unstinting assistance, and my students’ hard work.

I find it challenging to talk about my teaching experience, as I am aware that I have received much more than my fair share of good fortune. I was not trained as a teacher. I have only taken occasional short-term courses in education. It is therefore humbling to be invited to speak here. Instead of delving into formal educational issues, which are by no means my forte, I may as well share with you what I feel about teaching.

First, during all these years of teaching I have come to feel more acutely about my own deficiencies and weaknesses. Teaching in the School of Business, I am supposed to train generalists in personnel management, public relations, information systems, accounting, finance, to name just a few. As such, the spectrum of the subjects and projects that my students consult me on is often wide enough to galvanize me into exploring new disciplines and updating my knowledge.

Second, throughout these years, I can personally appreciate the fact that formal education means not only academic training but also holistic education, which covers ethics, life skills, interpersonal relationships, family life, etc. In fact, I am from time to time approached by my students for advice not only on their fields of study but also on a wide range of issues concerning career planning, further education, personal finance and romance, so much so that it has ironically enriched my own life experiences.

Finally, after all these years I have come to the realization that teaching is now for me no longer a mere means of life but more importantly an indispensable element of self-actualization. Whether this be providence or one of life’s many revelations, it does not seem to matter now.


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