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Bolsa de Estudo para Atletas de Excelência Admitidos em Cursos de Mestrado

  1. Eligibility

    Applicants for admission to the Master’s degree programmes offered by MPI via this scholarship scheme are required to:

    1. Possess outstanding achievement in Sports gained on behalf of Macao, and Decoration(s) or Medal(s) awarded by the Macao Special Administrative Region; and
    2. Fulfil the general application criteria prescribed by the chosen programme of study.
  2. Application

    1. Eligible applicants may submit an application for admission in writing together with the following materials:

      1. Photo;
      2. Identification document;
      3. Degree certificate and transcript;
      4. Curriculum vitae;
      5. Other documentation reflecting their eligibility as prescribed in Item 1.
    2. An application fee waiver is granted to applicants for admission via this scholarship scheme.
    3. Decisions shall be made by the MPI Board of Management after the opinion of the relevant academic unit is sought via document review.
  3. Scholarship

    1. Students admitted via this scholarship scheme shall be awarded full scholarship.
    2. The scholarship shall be released via a full tuition waiver for a maximum period of two academic years.
    3. The scholarship will automatically terminate if any of the following situations arises. The student concerned shall be responsible for all subsequent tuition payment (if applicable).

      1. Completion of the academic programme;
      2. Deferment of study;
      3. Suspension of study;
      4. Transfer of programme of study;
      5. Lapse of the maximum period stated in Item 3.2;
      6. Termination of study.
  4. Responsibilities

    1. Recipients of this Scholarship have to study in their registered programmes on a full-time basis according to the gazetted study plan
    2. Recipients of this Scholarship are obliged to participate in and assist in activities organized by MPI during their study here.
    3. This scholarship will not be awarded concurrently with the MPI Postgraduate Scholarship.
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