Firmina Cardoso Gonçalves


My name is Firmina, from Praia, Cabo Verde. I was studying in International Chinese Education at MPI since August 2016 and I have graduated now.

Coming to Macau made me accumulate countless experiences, which will most likely be used in the future.

At MPI I’ve met and made friends with people from different background and culture.

MPI has provided the opportunity to work with people from a range of cultural backgrounds.

For me, these years in MPI shaped my character and expanded my field of vision to situations and concepts that I did not realize before. The university environment is welcoming, it lived up to my expectations, but I have to say that the best experience is out of school. Be able to meet people with very different cultural experiences. Here we have excellent teachers that care a lot about the students, always ready to help, very professionals and loving staffs, we have a rich library, whether physical or virtual, and we have excellent conditions and a good environment, I had excellent motivators. They were bonds of friendships that I created throughout these years and ended up becoming members of the family and help to transform the academic journey lighter. I will miss them so much. I can only be grateful for the opportunity given to me to be part of this family.

I recommend everyone if they have the opportunity to come and experience it by themselves, just come with no fears, an open mind and heart and you will never regret.


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