澳門理工學院學生往葡萄牙阿爾加維大學生物醫學技術理學士課程 (檢驗技術)交流學習

In the past two months, we had a memorable journey and experienced a different lifestyle in Portugal. Before my arrival, I had imagined Portugal to be a beautiful country with scenic views. After my arrival, I found out, to my pleasant surprise, that the actual beauty of Portugal exceeds my imagination.

In fact, we visited Portugal as participants of an internship programme on public health.  During our brief stay, we learned how to carry out different tests on water. That was novel to us because we had not had this kind of practice previously. Since our teachers were very nice and patient when teaching us how to perform the tests with different techniques, we acquired knowledge and strengthened our practical skills in this regard. In my opinion, this internship programme provided me with hands-on experience of laboratory testing.

I was impressed by not only the learning experience, but also the Portuguese lifestyle, which is very different from ours. Portuguese lead a relaxing and leisurely lifestyle. I also found the Portuguese culture and history to be very fascinating.

In sum, this internship programme is absolutely worthwhile to me. I have gained knowledge and practical skills as well as fond memories. What I have learned in Portugal, I believe, will be very useful for my studies and future career.

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