Lam Si Leng, Amy

Exchange student from the programme Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Technology (Pharmacy Technology)

In the first semester it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to experience an exchange internship in a hospital pharmacy in Bragança, Portugal. Under the supervision of the pharmacy technician, Luís Miguel F. Nascimento, it made me realize more about the attitude of a pharmacy technician, the work they perform, and their importance in pharmaceutical services. The internship accomplished its objectives which included efficient selection of medication, acquisition, stock management, drug information, distribution and other activities assisting to enable proper, safe and economical use of drugs, medical devices and pharmaceutical products in order to achieve maximum benefit for patients.

The distribution system of the Hospital Unit in Bragança enabled proper management of economic resources coupled with high quality of healthcare services. The main aim was to achieve the best effect with the least number of drugs for the shortest time and lowest cost, combining, optimizing and balancing efficacy, safety and cost. The entire internship experience broadened my horizons and helped me to put into practice the knowledge I have gained from books.

Finally, I appreciate the arrangements made by both Macao Polytechnic Institute and Bragança Polytechnic Institute. Apart from enriching our academic skills and knowledge, we have also experienced a similar but different Portuguese culture. In addition, we have been in touch with local students during our internships and established deep friendships.

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