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Overseas Study Programmes 2015




The Student Affairs Office organized an “Overseas Study Programme” during the summer vacation, to increase students’ academic opportunities and widen their horizons, with 22 students from different faculties engaging in a three-week study programme at Monash University in Australia.

Through a three-week career preparation course students developed their English proficiency in a business context as well as enriching their negotiation skills and critical thinking. In addition to having lessons students visited Dairy Innovation Australia Limited, CPA Australia (Certified Practicing Accountants) and Ford manufacturing plant to expand their knowledge of differences in business practice between an Australian and international workplace, that will assist them in their future career. During the programme students also learnt more about the local culture and significance of the city and improved their cultural awareness, communication skills and workplace skills. Further enhancing their cultural exchange experience, students from Hitotsubashi University, Nagoya University, Mie University and Shanghai Ocean University joined the programme and all the students learned together.

The participants found the programme very fruitful and thanked MPI for providing this opportunity for them to enjoy such memorable learning experiences, to meet friends from around the world and to widen their horizons. Many participating students said that they would now like to further their study abroad after graduation.

參加者的感想 (以下文章及相片由參與的同學提供): Students' comments (all articles and photos are provided by the participating students):

衛生高等學校 School of Health Sciences

黃心瑜 (生物醫學技術理學士課程- 檢驗技術)
Wong Sam U (Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Technology - Medical Laboratory Technology)
Time flies. The three weeks oversea study program in Melbourne had come to an end and I have to go back to ordinary school life. In these three weeks I have learnt…

藝術高等學校 School of Arts

公共行政高等學校 School of Public Administration

黃雪玲 (公共行政學學士學位課程)
Huang Xueling (Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Administration)

It was really hard for me to conceal my inner excitement when I found out that I became a member of the International Exchange Student…

麥家輝 (社會工作學學士學位課程)
Mak Ka Fai (Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work)

I really enjoyed this exchange program. It was my first time to go to Melbourne. In fact, I only stayed in Melbourne around three weeks. I hoped….

管理科學高等學校 School of Business

林美娟 (社會科學學士學位課程 -博彩與娛樂管理專業)
Lam Mei Kun (Bachelor of Social Science in Gaming and Recreation Management)

I joined a three-week intensive Business English Program, which was organized by Macau Polytechnic Institute and Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia, this summer…

李子欣 (電子商務學士學位課程)
Ieong Meng Chao (Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese/Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation)

I had fabulous 3 weeks in Melbourne and all the people there were very helpful and kind to me. All my classmates, who were not only from Macao, but also from Shanghai and Japan, were very lovely and nice…

體育暨運動高等學校 School of Physical Education and Sports

語言暨翻譯高等學校 School of Languages and Translation

譚碩敏 (體育教育學士學位課程)
Tam Seak Man (Bachelor of Physical Education)
My name is Tracy, I am studying Physical Education year3 at Macao Polytechnic Institute. I was so glad that I had this opportunity to go to Australia during this summer holiday …

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