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The 8th French Cultural Activities

MPI students and instructor take a group photo at the French floriculture workshop

Co-organised by Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and Alliance Française Macao, the “French Culture Activity Series” was held to show culture diversification and broaden students’ international horizons, attracting over 200 student participants. Activities included fundamental French lessons, and workshops on French organic vegetarian cooking, French cheese, French wine, French floriculture and etc.

The 35-hour fundamental French lessons, which were conducted by a French tutor through an interactive teaching approach, helped students to understand some simple French conversation and phrases in daily life. The instructor of the French organic vegetarian cooking workshop introduced the food culture of southern France, demonstrated the cooking method and worked together with students to make nutritious and delicious vegan Ratatouille, a stew dish of France. The French cheese workshop allowed students to understand different cheese utensils and the cheese making process of different milk sources. Students also learned proper table manners through the workshop. The workshop of French wine introduced the ways to store different wines and the pairing of food and wine; while the workshop of French floriculture explained the art of floral design and the color matching principle to inspire students to make their own artworks.

Student Wong, who is majoring in Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation, said that he compared the culture of Portugal with that of France by discussing the cultural similarities and differences with the lecturer, which has deepened his understanding of European culture and history. Student Ip, majoring in Visual Art, liked the French floriculture workshop particularly. The process of floral design gave him a lot of inspiration that was greatly beneficial to his creation of artworks. Students in the French wine workshop learned how to open and pour wine, as well as the manners and skills required for a sommelier. Student’s social knowledge and table manners were also improved through the workshop. Students who participated in the activities expressed that learning French and its culture enhanced self-cultivation, which brought them professional and social advantages.

MPI emphasises the cultivation of the all-rounded development and creative thinking of students. Apart from discipline-specific education, MPI actively organises various extra-curricular activities for students to expand their international horizons, promote well-balanced development, soothe students’ mind, as well as to nurture excellent professionals with a focus on cultural connotations.

Instructor introduces the culture of French wine to students

MPI students learn about different types of cheese at the French cheese workshop

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