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Kin-ball Game Reinforce Team Spirit For The Youth

MPI organized kin-ball game to reinforce young people’s team spirit

Group photo of the champion, first runner-up and second runner-up teams

Organised by Macao Polytechnic Institute, assisted by MPI Student Union and Alumni Association, a kin-ball game between students and alumni, “Exercise the Body, Escalate the Friendship”, was recently held in the MPI Multisport Pavilion. The game gathered teams of a total of about 100 participants, and it aimed at offering reinforcement to the youths’ team spirit, demonstration of a positive living attitude, and promotion of the communication between students and alumni.

An introduction to the international kin-ball rules and a demonstration were given by professional lecturers to the twelve participating teams consisting students and alumni from different programmes of MPI. While most sports are played by two players or two teams, the kin-ball game is played by three teams with four players from each team at the same time. Teamwork and strategy are influential when there are three teams competing at the same time. The kin-ball game is played in a group cycle to compete with each other; the team with the highest score will advance to compete for the championship. The game aroused excitement from all participants, who gave their utmost efforts to fight for the chance for advancement, while the cheering from the floor echoed in the Pavilion. At last, the championship went to the team formed with mostly E-commerce students, second place to the team with mostly Physical Education students, and third place to the team of students from Portuguese-speaking countries.

Rolando, a student from a Portuguese-speaking country studying in the Public Administration Programme, said it was his first time to participate in a kin-ball game and he felt excited to see the momentum of the giant but light kin-ball; he established friendship with teammates in the game as this sport requires a lot of collaboration and communication among the team. Lam, a student from the Physical Education Programme, said teamwork and strategy are the essential elements in the game as each hit requires four teammates to touch the ball simultaneously, so that any attack or defense will only be played with mutual agreement between the teammates in advance. All participants agreed on the importance of teamwork, respect and tolerance after the game.

Macao Polytechnic Institute, the organiser, said the kin-ball game promotes the building of active team spirit among the youth. MPI will continue to organise various activities for students and alumni, to develop just values and outlook on life, reinforce their communication, spread the MPI spirit of optimism, persistence, and unity, and enthusiastically contribute to the overall development of the society.

Participants make all-out efforts in the qualification round

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