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French Cultural Activities


French literature and art is renowned throughout the world. Mastering French is not just a personal accomplishment but also enhances the competitive edge of one’s professional and social skills. In order to provide opportunities for students to learn about and experience French culture, a series of French cultural activities was organized by the Student Affairs Office from September to November 2015.

1) 法語課程 French Language Course 11/09-28/11/2014

2) 工作坊Workshop

投影藝術工作坊 - 小鳥木偶製作 Art Projection Workshop - Little Bird Puppetry 03/11/2015

投影藝術工作坊於2015年11月3日舉行,邀請了法國藝術團(Les Rémouleurs)教授學生如何製造小鳥木偶,並配合投影裝置進行即興演出。

An ‘Art Projection Workshop’ was held on 3rd November, 2015, all participants creating bird-puppets, combined with the act of projection to play an improvisational drama during the workshop. Les Rémouleurs is one of the most innovative puppet and shadow theatre groups in France.

法國紅酒工作坊 French Wines Workshop 12 & 17/11/2014

芝士及麵包工作坊 Cheese & Bread Workshop 19/11/2014

3) 「維克多‧雨果:海洋人」手稿及插晝掃 L'homme Océan - Scans of original manuscripts and drawings

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