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Celebrations for MPI Students and Alumni in the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014

To commend and celebrate students and alumni for their outstanding performance at the 17th Incheon Asian Games 2014, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) organized a celebration gathering on 17th October. The students and alumni of MPI participated in the Incheon Asian Games in sports including Wushu, Karate, Judo, Swimming, Triathlon, Athletics, Diving, and Road Cycling. Amongst others Jia Rui, an MPI alumnus, brought home a silver medal in the men’s Changquan final, Paula Cristina Pereira Carion, an MPI alumna, won a bronze medal in Women's Kumite +68 kg, Li Yi and Huang Junhua, students of MPI, respectively won the silver medals in the women's Jianshu/Qiangshu all-round and the men’s Nanquan/Nangun all-round (martial arts events).

At the celebration MPI President Professor Lei Heong Iok presented Certificates of Recognition to the alumni and students who participated in the Incheon Asian Games. He wished them still better performances in their studies, their jobs and their athletic careers, and that they would become role models for all MPI students. The President also emphasized that MPI would continue to give support to the students and alumni to make good use of their talents, and would also strive to assist in their future development.。

The medalists in return thanked the Macao SAR, their families and MPI for their support and encouragement, and thanked MPI for the support and teaching which made their achievements possible.

Alumni Jia Rui and Paula Cristina Pereira Carion said they still felt cared for by MPI, and also felt thankful for their time at MPI which had established a good foundation for their development. Students Li Yi and Huang Junhua thanked MPI for giving them so much attention, and also for the encouragement of the teaching staff, which enabled them to study and participate in competitions at the same time. The alumni and students also promised at the celebration that they would happily take up the challenge to bring more glory to Macao by striving to achieve more.

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