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4th NIDA Summer Camp in Thailand 2015

The 4th NIDA Summer Camp,“Sufficient Economy for Sustainable Development”, was held from 16th to 25th June, 2015 in Thailand. Two MPI students were selected to attend this big event which included academic sessions, a Thai language course and field trips.

Students' comments (articles and photos provided by the participating students):

LING YILI (Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing)

Thanks to MPI's information, I got the chance to know about NIDA and applied for its NIDA Sufficiency Economy Summer Camp 2015 this June and luckily, was admitted.

It was a totally unforgettable experience to me, during the ten-day trip: we got to know delegates from 21 countries in Asia and became friends with each other; we visited NIDA campus and its different faculties, and found out how Thai's graduate education was like; we took lectures on Sufficient Economy for Sustainable Development and had group discussion, presentation and team-building activities; we went to the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha Temple as well as other places of interests in Thailand and experienced typical Thai culture; we visited Sirindhorn International Environmental Park, Agricultural Demonstration Farm and Phetchaburi “Chang Hua Mun” Royal Initiative Project, and learned how Thai's Sufficient Economy Philosophy was successfully practiced in every corner of this country; we performed and had fun at the cultural ice-breaking and farewell party and saw how each other was gradually connected by this meaningful and treasurable event.

Thanks NIDA for giving me this great opportunity to learn about Thailand's economy and ideology with people from different backgrounds but with the same belief, that is, we, the young, can make the world a better place by keeping knowing, learning, communicating and understanding, and I will take this wonderf

Tong Nga I (Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation)

This summer, I joined the summer camp organized by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), a public post-graduate institute in Thailand. During this ten-day camp, I really did have fun and created many memories in my life. At first I didn't know anyone from the camp, but as time went by, I easily blended into the camp, as the other campers were also university students from other Asian countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Russia. They are all very nice and friendly.

The second day, we officially began our camp. Through the ice-breaking activities, we started to know each other. At night, we have a national costume party, in which each of the campers has to wear their own national costume as well as give a performance. It was gorgeous and made the most memorable experience for me in the camp. You got to see the other countries’ national costume at the party, which don't happen everyday.

During the following days, we had academic sessions: a Thai language course, a sightseeing trip, and field trips to other provinces about making a sustainable economy and team building. You can gain not only knowledge from the lectures, but also experience with other campers while talking and getting to know more about each other. We discussed our cultural and languages, at the same time, learned about the other countries. Nevertheless, we made friends from other countries, and it was a good experience.

By participating in more activities in college life, I get to see more about the world. Finally, I would like to thank MPI, NIDA, and all organizers for giving me this opportunity.

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