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Applicable to Academic Year 2018/2019 student intake or before

Target Students

Students with a specialty in Sports, Music or Arts, recommended by Macao's secondary school principals, who are enrolling on the Institute's Bachelor's Degree Programmes.

Terms of Admission

In the year of high school graduation, students must have first term academic results ranking among the top 30% in the level;

Pass the relevant interview for the Programme;

Comply with the other admission terms and conditions of the Institute.

Value of Scholarship and Form of Distribution

50% of the annual tuition fee of the Programme shall be directly discounted.

Renewal of Scholarship

If recipients' year-end GPA of the first year ranks among the top 25% in the level of his/her Programme (with the same teaching language and mode of study), the same value of scholarship shall be awarded for the following academic year.

Termination of Scholarship

Recipients must study their Programme according to the study plan. If recipients change programme, defer their studies, withdraw from their study, change to day/night class half-way through their studies, or do not meet the stipulated requirement of "Renewal of Scholarship", or fail in any subjects by the end of the academic year, their scholarship shall be terminated automatically. 

Remarks:MPI reserves the right to amend the details of the implementation of the scholarship at its discretion.
This English version is a translation of the original regulations in Chinese. For any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
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