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Overseas Study Programmes 2013




An “Overseas Study Programme” was organised during the summer vacation to broaden students’ academic opportunities and widen their horizons, 18 students from different faculties engaging in a two-week study programme at the University of Queensland in Australia.

MPI students received a warm welcome after their arrival in Brisbane where they learned about local customs and social culture via their stays with host families and through daily communication with the locals. Through a two-week ‘English Language Studies Programme’, students improved their English language and communication abilities as well as enriching their professional knowledge and presentation skills. In addition to lessons, students visited the Port of Brisbane, an exhibition show, local organizations, cultural museums and art galleries to expand their knowledge of shipping developments and operations, and the effect of agriculture and art on the local economy. Local tourism was also included, MPI students being escorted by local students to learn more about the history, culture and significance of the city through this interactive learning process.

The participants found the programme very fruitful and thanked MPI for providing this opportunity for them to enjoy such memorable learning experiences, meet friends from around the world and widen their horizons. Many participating students said that they would now like to further their study abroad after graduation.

The Student Affairs Office which organised the event commented that MPI advocates a professional and liberal education and would like students to enhance their whole person development through a variety of activities.

參加者的感想 (以下文章及相片由參與的同學提供): Students' comments (all articles and photos are provided by the participating students):

藝術高等學校 School of Arts

管理科學高等學校 School of Business

衛生高等學校 School of Health Sciences

語言暨翻譯高等學校 School of Languages and Translation

公共行政高等學校 School of Public Administration

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