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(Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese/ Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation)

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  1. Eligibility

    Undergraduate students of the Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese/Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation programme (hereinafter “Degree Programme”) of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (hereinafter “MPI”) and eligible to proceed to their 2nd-year study.

    This exchange programme is a mandatory part of the Degree Programme, and all eligible students as confirmed by the School of Languages and Translation are obliged to take part in it and continue their 2nd-year study at Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (hereinafter “IPL”).

    However, if you cannot participate in it for any reason (e.g. health problems), you must inform the Degree Programme's coordinator.

  2. Time and Duration

    This exchange programme lasts for one academic year and eligible students will continue their 2nd-year study at IPL, where they will attend the School of Education and Social Sciences (

  3. VISA to Portugal

    Portuguese passport holders do not need a visa. Those who hold passports issued by the Macao Special Administrative Region, or the People’s Republic of China, must obtain a visa at the Portuguese Consulate General in Macao and Hong Kong before departing for Portugal.

    The visa applications’ including all supporting documents and the application fees should be submitted to the Portuguese Consulate General in Macao and Hong Kong ( The current application fee for visa is approximately MOP745.00. (Please note that the application fee is subject to change without prior notice.) Students holding other passports may approach the SAO staff for guidance on making such applications.

    Note: Students have to prepare all the necessary documents to support their visa applications, such as their passports and ID cards.
  4. Arrival Date

    Students should arrive at the Lisbon Portela Airport on the day as designated by IPL, so that they have enough time to complete all the formalities, such as student registration and opening bank accounts, and to familiarize themselves with the new environment.

  5. Academic Calendar

    Kindly refer to the IPL’s website for its latest academic calendar.

  6. Expenditure in Portugal

    Tuition fees:

    Students only need to pay the MPI’s tuition for the academic year when they go on exchange study at IPL, and there is no additional tuition payable to IPL.

    MPI's tuition:
    Registration fees: Students are exempted from paying the registration fees of MPI and IPL.

    The host institutes will provide free hostel accommodation to students when they go on exchange study in Portugal.

    Details: IPL hostel
    Living Expenses:

    Exchange students are responsible for their living expenses including meals, transportation, laundry, etc.

    Exchange students are responsible for their meal expenses. For reference, the minimum price of a set lunch at a typical restaurant in Leiria is above EUR 7.00. Alternatively, exchange students may have their discounted meals in the IPL’s student canteens.
    VISA Renewal Fee: The renewal fee for the visa is around EUR160.00-200.00. IPL will provide guidance to those who need to renew their visas in Portugal.
    Permanent residency visa application fee: Any student who wishes to travel to other European countries during the exchange period should change his or her visa to the Permanent Residency visa beforehand. The application fee for the Permanent Residency visa is about EUR147.00. IPL will give guidance to those students who need to apply for the Permanent Residency visa.
    Penalty for failing to declare entry to Portugal:

    Students are required to complete an Entry Declaration Form from the Immigration Department within 72 hours after their arrival in Portugal, so as to regularize their entry to the country. IPL will give guidance to students on how to complete the procedure for regularizing their entry.

    Any student who fails to regularize his or her entry to Portugal will face a fine of EUR30.00.
    Electricity fee: No electricity fee is payable by exchange students.
    Taxpayer Request Fee: Depending on the universities in Portugal, some exchange students must pay the taxpayer request fee of approximately EUR7.00~20.00.

    IPL will provide exchange students with free transportation, (a) from the international airport in Lisbon to the student hostel when they first arrive in Portugal; and (b) from the hostel to the airport when they depart for Macao at the end of the exchange programme.

    Bus passes to travel in Leiria (, or to other places in Portugal ( are available for sale. Registered students in Portugal can enjoy the concessionary bus fares. Train information in Portugal and other places in Europe:
    Health Care and Insurance:

    Each student must buy an international health insurance, with a minimum validity period of one year, against the risk of accidents and for the expenses of medical consultations and hospitalization. IPL insures all of its students against personal injuries sustained during school activities.

    At the IPL campus clinic, there are general practitioners and specialists who can provide medical advice on gynecology or obstetrics, dentistry, sports injuries, occupational diseases, ophthalmology, and others psycho pedagogical counseling. (

    Only pharmacies sell medicines in Portugal. Some stronger medicines can be bought only upon the presentation of a prescription. It is recommended that students carry with them a sufficient amount of the medications which they take on a regular basis.

    Written enquiries can be emailed to the IPL International Office.
    Other fees: IPL may require students to pay other fees not mentioned above.

    Notes: (1) The above fees are only for reference and subject to change. In the event of discrepancy, the fees published by IPL or the relevant authorities will prevail. (2) Applicable to those students admitted in or before the academic year 2020/2021.

  7. Class Attendance

    Exchange students are required to meet a minimum percentage of class attendance as required by IPL. Please note that IPL has its own minimum percentage of class attendance, which is different from the MPI’s. Those students who have failed to meet such requirement will be disallowed to take the final assessment and will automatically fail the course in question.

  8. Supplementary Examinations

    Those students who have failed the final assessments must take part in the supplementary assessments as scheduled in IPL’s academic calendar.

  9. Regulations, Guidelines and Legislations

    Exchange students must comply with the IPL’s rules and regulations, in addition to the laws of Portugal.

  10. What documents should I bring with me?

    • Your passport (with a minimum validity period of 18 months) together with a visa, if necessary;
    • Your resident / citizen identity card (with a minimum validity period of 18 months);
    • Six recently taken and colored passport photographs of you against a white background;
    • Your medical insurance card and the corresponding insurance policy;
    • Your updated vaccination record;
    • A copy of the agreement between MPI and IPL on this exchange programme; and
    • The original or copy of the acceptance letter issued by IPL.
    Note:Students must bring along the originals of the above items to Portugal, and are advised to carry with two copies of items no.1, 2, and 4.
  11. Enquiries

    Students can approach the Student Affairs Office or the relevant MPI Degree Programme coordinator for further information on the exchange programme.

    • Address: Student Affairs Office, Room A119, Chi Un Building, Macao Polytechnic Institute
    • Telephone: (853) 8599 6625
    • Email:
Note:The above information are only for reference and subject to change. In the event of discrepancy, the information published by MPI will prevail.
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