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"Move to Learn" in Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University

In response to the policy of the Macao SAR Government to develop the tourism industry, the Student Affairs Office organized 24 students from different programmes to participate in a “Move to Learn” activity in Taiwan from 18th to 23 rd December, 2016, for the purpose of inspiring students to gain a better understanding of the tourism industry and to experience the features of travelling in Taiwan.

During the “Move to Learn” activity, MPI students attended various workshops conducted by the Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University, which included cooking western style food, and making pour over coffee and Taiwanese pineapple cake. In addition MPI students visited Taroko Canyon and the east sea coast of Hualien, to learn about the geographical environment of Taroko and marine ecology of the Pacific Ocean.

Students involved in the “Move to Learn” activity were thankful to MPI for providing them with this opportunity to understand the tourism industry in Taiwan. The Student Affairs Office believes that this activity enabled students to broaden their international horizons and enhance their comprehensive capabilities, thereby cultivating talented future graduates with diverse competences for Macao society.

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