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  1. Who are eligible to join the Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese Language exchange programme?

    Only second-year students reading Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese Language (the “Degree Programme”) of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) are eligible to participate in this exchange programme.

  2. I am eligible. Do I need to apply for this exchange programme?

    No. This exchange programme is part of the Degree Programme, and all eligible students are obliged to take part in it and continue their second year of study at IPCB.

    However, if you do not want to participate in it for any reason (e.g. health problems), you must communicate with the Degree Programme's coordinator.

  3. What is the duration of this exchange programme?

    This is a one-year exchange programme. Eligible students will spend their second year of study at IPCB, where they will attend the School of Education.

  4. Do I need a VISA to enter Portugal

    It depends on which passport you are travelling with.

    If you are holding a passport of the Macao Special Administrative Region, or the People’s Republic of China, you must apply for the VISA before entering Portugal. For any other passport holders, please consult the staff of the MPI’s Student Affairs Office (SAO) for advice.

    The VISA applications should be submitted together with the application fees to the Portuguese Consulate in Macao and Hong Kong, whose office is situated in Macao. Kindly approach the SAO staff for more guidance on submitting such applications.

    Note: Students are responsible for preparing their own travel documents, identification cards, and other required documents to support their applications for the VISA.
  5. What are the likely items of expenditure for the exchange students in Portugal? How much are they approximately?

    Tuition fee: No additional tuition fee payable to IPCB
    (Exchange students pay only the MPI’s tuition fees for the academic year in which they are studying at IPCB. Please see the MPI’s Tuition Fees)
    Registration fee: Exchange students are exempted from paying the IPCB’s registration fee.
    Accommodation: The host institutes will provide free hostel accommodation to students when they go on exchange study in Portugal. Details: IPCB hostel
    VISA Renewal Fee The renewal fee is approximately EUR100.00. IPCB will provide guidance to those exchange students who need to renew their VISA in Portugal.
    Electricity fee: No electricity fee payable by the exchange students.
    Taxpayer Request Fee: No tax fee payable by the exchange students.
    Transportation Fee: IPCB will provide the exchange students with free transportation (a) from the international airport in Lisbon to the student hostel when they first arrive in Portugal for the exchange programme; and (b) from the hostel to the airport when they depart for Macao at the end of the programme. Bus passes to travel in Castelo Branco, or to other places in Portugal, are available for sale. All registered students in Portugal can enjoy the concessionary bus fares. or Alternatively, the exchange students may choose to travel by train within Portugal and to other places in Europe. (
    Living expenses: Exchange students are responsible for their living expenses and other basic expenses, such as meals, transportation, laundry, etc.

    Exchange students are responsible for their meal expenses. For reference, the minimum price of a set lunch at a typical restaurant in Castelo Branco is above EUR 7.00. Alternatively, exchange students may have their meals in the IPCB’s student canteens with a concessionary meals fares. (ção).

    Health Care and Insurance: Each exchange student must take out an international health insurance with at least one-year validity, against the risk of accidents and for the expenses of medical consultation and hospitalization. IPCB has also insured all of its students against personal injuries sustained by them during classes or school activities. IPCB will assist exchange students register in their health center. There is Social Welfare Department that has specialists available to provide medical advices on such fields, social isolation, depression, phobia, eating disorder, and psycho pedagogical counseling, etc.

    Only pharmacies sell medicines in Portugal. Some medicines can be bought only upon the presentation of a prescription while others can be purchased without one. It is recommended that exchange students carry with them an enough amount of the medications which they take on a regular basis, if any, for the duration of stay in Portugal.

    Written enquiries can be emailed to the IPCB International Office.

    Notes: (1) The above fees are only for reference and subject to change. In the event of discrepancy, the fees published by IPCB or the relevant authorities will prevail. (2) Applicable to those students admitted in or before the academic year 2020/2021.

  6. When should I arrive in Portugal?

    You should arrive in Portugal at least one week before your first class begins. This is to ensure that you have enough time to complete all the formalities, such as the student registration and the opening of a bank account, and to familiarize yourself with the new environment.

  7. What documents should I bring with me?

    • Your passport (with a minimum validity period of one year) together with a VISA, if necessary;
    • Your resident / citizen identity card (with a minimum validity period of one year);
    • Six (6) recently taken and coloured passport photographs of you against a white background;
    • Your international health insurance card and the corresponding insurance policy;
    • Your updated vaccination record;
    • A copy of the agreement between MPI and IPCB on this exchange programme.
    • The acceptance letter issued by IPCB
    Note: Exchange students must bring along the originals of the above items to Portugal, and are advised to carry with them at least three copies of each items no. 1 and 2.
  8. How do I find out more about this exchange programme?

    For more information, you can visit the SAO at Room A119, Chi Un Building, on the MPI main campus of Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macao. Alternatively, you can call Ms Isabel Rosa Duque of SAO at (+853) 8599 6625.

    Written enquiries can be emailed to SAO at

Note: The above information are only for reference and subject to change. In the event of discrepancy, the information published by MPI will prevail.
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