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Student Corner

Student Corner


  1. Where can I obtain information about Grants?

    Information can be accessed on the Institute’s website (Grants). Alternatively, students can visit the Student Affairs Office (Room A119) or contact Ms Lei (8599 6465) for any enquiries.

  2. How are grants distributed?

    Grants are distributed by means of tuition fee reduction in the first and second semester.

  3. I have already applied for a loan from the Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau. Am I still eligible to apply for the Institute’s Grants?

    Yes, you can, provided that you conform to the rules stipulated in Article 3 “Terms for Application” of the Regulations of Grant.

  4. My parents have already retired and they live on retirement pension. Do they need to declare this income on the “Income Declaration Form”?

    Yes. Retirement pension is considered a kind of income too. Apart from retirement pension, incomes from rents, part-time jobs, trading, investments, allowances or subsidies from the Social Security Fund or Social Welfare Bureau are all to be declared clearly on the form.

  5. My father had three different employers last year. How should I indicate this on the form?

    Your father must complete three declaration forms. On each form, he should write clearly the working period and the remuneration received.

  6. My mother and younger siblings do not have any income. Do they need to fill the Income Declaration Form?

    Yes, all family members in the same household who are aged 18 or over should fill in the form. That is still the case even though they did not receive any income in the past year.

  7. What would happen if any of my application documents was found to contain fraudulent information?

    According to Article 9 of the “Regulations for Grant”, the MPI Grant will be terminated and revoked if any applicant is found to have violated these regulations or to have committed perjury or made false claims, full repayment will be pursued and they will be automatically disqualified from any other grant application during their entire period of studies at MPI. They may also be held criminally responsible.

  8. Will the grant be renewed?

    Grants are awarded according to the actual annual financial condition of the applicant, so applications must be made annually.

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