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Prof. Xu Xiaolin

Prof. Xu Xiaolin

Prof. Xu Xiaolin

Programme examined:

Public Administration (Bachelor's degree)

Professor Xu Xiaolin is a professor at the college of public administration, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. His teaching and research interests include e-government, smart city and non-traditional security. His articles have appeared in several important domestic and international journals, including Government Information Quarterly, Management World, Cass Journal of Political Science, Xinhua Digest, etc.

Professor Xu has many public service appointments include a member of the Public Administration Discipline Review Group of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, a member of the National Steering Committee for MPA Education, a member of the expert review team of National Natural Science Foundation of China as well National Social Science Foundation of China, Vice President of Chinese Culture Management Association, managing director of China Association of Public Administration, and managing director of China Electronic Commerce Association.

Professor Xu was presented the 2013 Chester A. Newland Presidential Citation of Merit. He was appointed as advisor for Executive President of Funcinpec Party to in charge of Research and Education for social development of Cambodia in 2013.

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