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Wet Paint, Wallpaper, Frameworks and Foundations: Building for Quality Culture in New Zealand Universities.

This presentation uses building metaphors to describe institutions’ approaches to academic quality. It explores instances of developing and developed academic processes to identify approaches which lead to embedded good practice and mature quality systems. It promotes a quality assurance and enhancement methodology which is ongoing or cyclical as a means of identifying and reporting the kinds of deep change which move a whole sector forward.


Jan Cameron
Dr Jan Cameron has been Director of the Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities (AQA) since March 2010. She was previously Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and a sociologist at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Dr Cameron served for many years on the Committee for University Academic Programmes which approves all New Zealand university programmes. She has been a member of a number of working parties pertaining to the school curriculum and University Entrance. Dr Cameron is a member of the APQN Board and has served as an auditor or reviewer for the OAAC (Oman), HKCAAVQ (Hong Kong), TWAEA (Taiwan), the Office of Higher Education - Papua New Guinea and the University of the South Pacific. She has also monitored institutional audit in India with NAAC and has managed academic audits in Samoa and New Zealand.

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