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About the School

The School of Business was one of the original academic schools of Macao Polytechnic Institute when it was established in 1991. Since then, the School is responsible for high quality management training in Macao. After the 1999 handover, the School seized the opportunity of the new era to improve the quality of managerial talents to cope with Macao's economic development. The mission of the School of Business is to promote academic excellence that empowers students to advance their careers and life-long learning.

Our school fulfils its mission by providing specialised academic programmes that integrate theory with practice. Programmes are designed to equip graduates with highly marketable skills and strong academic background. Our commitment to individuals from varied backgrounds and with differing educational needs reflects both our emphasis on life-long learning and our active involvement in the community in which we are a part.

The School's 4-year Bachelor degree programmes are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of E-Commerce
  • Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Gaming and Recreation Management
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