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Fine arts exhibitions “Watercolour Symphony” and “Printmaking Collection” by MPI’s Visual Arts teachers and students

Fine arts exhibitions “Watercolour Symphony” and “Printmaking Collection” by MPI’s Visual Arts teachers and students

The opening ceremony of the fine arts exhibitions “Watercolour Symphony” and “Exhibition of Printmaking Collection” presented jointly by teachers and students from the Visual Arts Programme of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI), will take place at the Art Gallery – Floor G, the Research and Development Building on the MPI Campus in Taipa, at 17:00 on 30 September 2020. All interested parties are welcome to visit.

The two exhibitions run from 16 September to 18 November, presenting more than 60 works by teachers and students of the Visual Arts Programme of MPI, including various types of watercolour and engraving, in diverse and content-rich forms. These exhibitions aim to combine the rigidity and softness of watercolour, as well as the colourful fusion of prints; they also show the results of teaching and learning among teachers and students and thus share the joy of artistic creation.  MPI takes this opportunity to extend sincere blessings to the special year 2020 and to the official opening of the new Taipa campus where the Visual Arts programme is held.

“Watercolour Symphony” exhibits 38 works in watercolour that are divided into wet and dry painting. In the wet paintings the colours are softer, while in the dry paintings the contrasts are distinct, both highlighting the artistic charm of watercolours. In the exhibitions, the interweaving of the watercolours, between rigidity and softness, makes them reflect, sometimes low and dark, sometimes light and alive, with ups and downs, as if they played a symphony of colours, and a beautiful melody that belongs to their creators and to this city.

In contrast to the unbridled flow of watercolour, the 23 works exhibited in the “Printmaking Collection” show various form and image effects, including the delicate mezzotint technique, the vigorous and powerful woodcut prints and the beautiful and colourful silkscreen prints. The unique charm of this printmaking art lies in the process of repeated printing. After layers of stacking and printing, the true face of the work can only be seen when the paper is finally opened, thus presenting the colourful story the creator wishes to tell.

The MPI’s Visual Arts Degree Programme is the oldest higher education programme in the Macao art education system. In September this year, this programme was officially transferred from the central campus of MPI to the Taipa campus of MPI. It is now equipped with spacious classrooms and several professional studios, which provides better conditions for teaching. This programme offers several important teaching variants such as oil painting, printmaking, traditional Chinese painting, sculpture and ceramic arts, etc., focusing on combining theory with practice. Students are encouraged to explore their personal interests and achieve their artistic ideals.

To comply with the epidemic prevention guidelines, the site of these two exhibitions was cleaned and disinfected. Visitors must wear masks, pass the temperature test, present a valid personal health code, and collaborate with the crowd control measures. The exhibition is open from 10:00 to 20:00, from 16 September to 18 November. For details, please call 2883 3314 during office hours.

Poster of “Watercolour Symphony” Exhibition
Poster of “Printmaking Collection” Exhibition

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