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Director of School of Arts

Professor Hsu Hsiu-Chu

Phone (853) 8893 6999
Fax (853) 2872 7646
Email hsiuchu@ipm.edu.mo
Office Room P201, 2nd Floor, Pearl Jubilee Building

The School of Arts offers bachelor's degree programs in visual arts, design and music, as well as a master's degree program in interdisciplinary arts, and hosts the cultural and creative industries teaching and research centre. Through unremitting efforts to improve the teaching facilities in both hardware and software and to continuously upgrade the teaching quality, our degree programs and affiliated research centre are providing an innovative, dynamic, excellent, adaptive and lasting teaching and learning environment for our students. Meanwhile, our School embraces the vision of "Taking roots in Macau and going global; From the ESA to the Best", with our vision of building the ideal institute of arts in Macau to cultivate high-calibre talents in arts and culture for the community. To ensure our supreme quality of education, the music program, the visual arts program, and the design program have all passed the academic accreditation evaluation exercises in 2015, 2017, 2018 respectively by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan. Our school has become the first tertiary institute in Macao to have passed such an external accreditation reviews.

Our School has always adhered to the teaching philosophy of 'Committed to academic excellence and student-oriented teaching', attaches equal emphasis on both theory and practice in our teaching. At present, over 60% of our full-time faculty staff have obtained a doctoral degree, attracting aspiring students from at home and abroad to join our programs. Our faculty and staff have participated actively and won awards in regional and international seminars, exhibitions or competitions held across Europe and America, Asia, Macau, Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, and many other places. The faculty and the students are more like a big family, as manifested in the great vitality and teaching achievements by teachers and students through diverse art creations, exhibitions, and performances. Our school boasts an exquisitely artistic campus that intermingles with the essence of multiple art forms and creative works, culminating in a delicate and high-quality teaching and learning environment. Currently, we are completing the construction of some newly furnished professional classrooms and distinctive studios and workshops at our new campus in Taipa, Macau. To align with the arising needs and the strategic development of higher education in the future, ESA strives to further strengthen our distinctive curriculum, embracing sustainability and innovation, strengthening exchanges and cooperation partnerships with reputable universities at home and abroad, with a view to promoting the arts and the cultural and creative industries in Macau by cultivating high-calibre talents in arts, performance, cultural and creative industries for the community. We will spare no efforts to contribute to Macao's diversified economic development.

"Committed to excellence, innovation and creativity" has become our mantra at ESA. Believing that there are no boundaries or limits in arts and creative works, we hereby encourage all our teachers and students in ESA to broaden our horizon continuously, to keep up with our explorations and to maintain the spirit of innovation and progress. We strive to gather all talents and resources of arts, culture, and technology at MPI. With these concerted efforts, we shall accomplish our mission of building an ideal art school that is taking its deep roots in Macao, and meanwhile reaching out globally. We are resolved to make our contributions to the social development of Macao!

Hsu Hsiu-Chu
Professor and Director of School of Arts

Sub-Director of School of Arts

Professor Lai Ming Hoi, Victor

Phone (853) 8893 6903
Fax (853) 2872 7646
Email vlai@ipm.edu.mo
Office Room P205, 2nd Floor, Pearl Jubilee Building


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