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Cultural and Creative Industries Teaching and Research Centre

Economic development in the world today tends to lie in the competition of soft power such as cultural creativity, while the creative economy has become the key of the game in the international market. Macao is situated in one of the new hot spots in the culture and economy of China and of the world, and it is a natural tendency to keep in line with the international trend. In response to the Central Government’s direction for adequate diversification of Macao’s economy, the Macao SAR government is committed to developing cultural and creative industries in recent years and devising new policies that aim at leading Macao’s economy to the path of diversified long-term sustainable development of regional economy. Apart from benefiting long-term economic development, cultural and creative industries contain cultural and artistic elements, which contribute to uplifting Macao residents’ humanistic quality, enhancing cultural and aesthetic life so as to bring Macao up to the level of a high-quality society of refined taste.

Cultural and Creative Industries Teaching and Research Centre was established on March 1, 2016 and officially unveiled on April 1.

The purpose of the Center is to help promoting the development of the cultural and creative industries in Macao through teaching and research.  The Centre is for carrying out the activities related to cultural and creative industries, building a talent cultivation cluster, and creating service platforms for communication, display, counseling and incubation of cultural and creative industries. It will continue to establish special events: Cultural and Creative Summer Camp, Cultural and Creative Salon, Cultural and Creative GloNaLo, Cultural and Creative Professional Talk, Cultural and Creative Workshop and course, Cultural and Creative Forum, etc., with these activities and cultural and creative industries research, forming a relationship with the industry. It has built an interactive platform as a bridge for Macao's creative professionals.

The contents of "Cultural and Creative Salon" invites the academic elites, the industry leaders or social practitioners to share professional experiences and cultural trends.

"Cultural and Creative GloNaLo" is a small group dialogue that invites the industry elites to communicate with the specific topics deeply, stimulate ideas and discuss practical issues. GloNaLo is the collections of English together with “Global”, “International” and “Local”, expressing the characteristics of cultural and creative industries.

It is hoped that through the events, the guest speakers will exchange international and regional business experiences and promote creative exchanges with the local industry.

The courses and workshops of "Cultural and Creative Academy" are open to the public and provide the public with an insight into the cultural and creative industries.  The courses and workshops of "Cultural and Creative Academy" are offering free admission to Macao residents, Tertiary students in Macao, and the people who are engaged with relevant cultural industry mainly.

"Cultural Creative Professional Talk" invites Macao businessmen to share cultural and creative industries plan to guide the students and participants to think about industry trends.

"Cultural Creative Forum" invited guests to discuss in depth about specific topics.

"Cultural Creative Summer Camp" has been held for three years to arrange art and design courses for high school students and to create fun through participation.

Since the establishment of the center, it has participated in cooperation in organizing a number of important events and has also been commissioned by the government to conduct varied themes of researches.

Since 20th August 2019, the Center has been officially operated under School of Arts, and the Centre Coordinator is Wen Kuo-Hsun, Associate Professor of Design Programme currently.

The Centre will facilitate personnel training and research in Macao’s cultural and creative industries to proceed and develop in a more holistic and effective way. The Centre will also, in the role of an academic institution, investigate the topic on cooperation across governmental sectors in support of the development of cultural and creative industries, in order to bring together the energies across the public sector, fine tune the direction, and enhance and exercise developmental impetus more effectively, jointly promoting Macao’s cultural creativity.

The Cultural and Creative Industries Teaching and Research Centre will be devoted in responding to the real need in mid- and long-term teaching and training for the development of cultural and creative industries in Macao and enhancing academic research and the research and development of the cultural and creative profession. We will offer more holistic, robust and effective strategies to the thriving of Macao’s cultural and creative industries and train more suitable and sufficient talents for Macao’s cultural and creative industries to benefit the residents.

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