Important Dates

For Bachelor's Degree Programmes in 2020/2021

Remark :Important or emergent information will be delivered via SMS. Please keep your mobile phone number up-to-date on SIWeb
Item Semester 1 Semester 2

Credit Transfer / Exemption

Credit Transfer/ Exemption Application
For new students, credit transfer/exemption applications are to be submitted in one go for all the learning modules concerned in a curriculum during this period. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.
Release of results:
Upon notifications via SMS, students may check the results on SIWeb
late Aug 2020
Complete and submit the form at the Registry
within 3 working days after release of results
Results of the appeals:
Upon notifications via SMS, students may check the results on SIWeb
mid-Sept 2020

Transfer of Programme
(day/evening mode transfer included)

Apply in writing two months ahead of date of commencement of an academic year (except for freshman) Before 7/7/2020

Class Timetable

Class Timetable Download 7/8/2020 7/12/2020

Tuition Payment

Debit Note Download *
SIWebDebit Note
1/9/2020 13/1/2021
Tuition Payment ^
Bank/ On-line payment / MPI Finance Office
1-7/9/2020 13-20/1/2021

Enrolment of learning modules

Confirmation upon pre-enrolled learning modules
28/8/2020 13/1/2021
School of Arts
1/9/2020 15/1/2021
School of Applied Sciences
School of Business
2/9/2020 18/1/2021
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Health Sciences and Sports
3/9/2020 19/1/2021
School of Languages and Translation
4/9/2020 20/1/2021
Service hours: 09:15-12:45; 14:45-18:45
15-20/1/2021│Lecture Theatre No.1
21-27/1/2021│Registry A101
7-11/9/2020 21-27/1/2021

Start of classes / End-of-semester arrangement

First day of class 7/9/2020 21/1/2021
Final exam # 4-14/1/2021 17-28/5/2021
Release of final exam results
SIWeb → Grade
25/1/2021 8/6/2021
Online Resit Exam Application
SIWeb → Grade→ Online Resit Exam Application Platform
25-26/1/2021 8-9/6/2021
Resit exam 29/1-4/2/2021 12-19/6/2021
Name Confirmation for Graduation Certificate [Prospective Graduates]
SIWeb → Profile → Name Confirmation for Certificate
Release of the academic reports:
It is delivered by post. Please approach the Registry for reissuance before 31 Mar 2021 or 3 Sept 2021 respectively if you have not received it by then.
early March late July
Please contact the Registry for any failures in downloading the debit note from SIWeb.
Students who has outstanding fees, whether in part or in full, for three weeks, and those who fail to complete module enrolment or to submit another application for interruption of study within three weeks shall be considered to have withdrawn from studies.
Please login SIWeb to check your absence rate regularly to ensure that it will not exceed the upper limit, which may lead to the final exam results being considered as invalid (Note: The final absence rate is subject to the attendance record provided by subject instructors). If your absence rate exceeds the upper limited as stipulated in the Academic Regulations for any special reasons, you may fill in the Provisional Examinee Declaration Form provided by the invigilator and take the exam with a provisional status. Whether the marks achieved is valid will be verified according to relevant regulations. For more details, please refer to Guidelines on Completion of Provisional Examinee Declaration Form.
♦ Appeals for module assessment results shall be completed and submitted to the Registry within three working days after the release of the results Appeals Application Form.
▲ Graduation certificate shall be issued once only. Please verify the information carefully according to valid ID documents. For any modifications, please complete the "Prospective Graduates Information Form" downloadable from SIWeb and submit it together with the originals and copies of valid ID document(s) to the Registry.


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