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Prof. João Ruivo

Prof. João Ruivo

Prof. João Ruivo

Programme examined:

Public Administration (Bachelor's degree)

Professor João Ruivo, is considered by the scientific community as one of the reference specialists in the Sciences of Education, namely in the areas of evaluation, supervision and management of institutions.

In the last four decades, Professor Ruivo has devoted himself to research on the supervision of school organizations; on initial and continuing training in higher education; on educational administration and management and on information and communication technologies (ICT) applied to education. In particular, it coordinated the external evaluation carried out by the European University Association (EUA) to the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (Portugal).

Professor Ruivo has more than two dozen books published, collaboration in International Handbooks, translated in several languages, and a very significant number of scientific papers, published in magazines of the specialty. He is member of teams of peer’s review of several national and international magazines. Professor Ruivo is frequently requested to hold conferences and perform specialty workshop and seminars.

In Polytechnic and University Higher Education, Professor Ruivo was the Vice-President of Institute Superior, Director of Higher School, President of the Scientific Council, President of the Pedagogical Council, Director of Department, Coordinator of Masters and Coordinator of projects and research teams (FCT, PRODEP and INIC).

Professor João Ruivo has a Ph.D. in Theory and History of Education from the University of Salamanca (Spain), a Master´s Degree in Organization and Analysis of Teaching at the University of Lisbon and a Graduation Degree in Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences from the Technical University of Lisbon. He obtained other university diplomas of specialization and postgraduate, namely in the field of the management of the organizations (at Technical University of Lisbon and Polytechnic University of Catalonia - Spain).

Professor Ruivo received two Extraordinary Academic Awards, awarded by the University of Salamanca for his research works. And he was part of the team of researchers who received the WAN-IFRA International Award for the "Education for the Media" project, received in San Francisco, USA.

Professor Ruivo is a Professor Coordinator retired of the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. At the Piaget Institute (Almada University Campus), he coordinated several Masters Courses and research projects (2009/2013).

Currently, Professor Ruivo is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Center for Research on Educational Policies and Systems (CIPSE) of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and collaborates with the Spanish Universities of Extremadura (UEX) and Salamanca (USAL) in activities related to doctorates in education.

Professor Ruivo is a member of the international group of researchers who wrote, in 2010, the International Handbook of Teacher Education World-Wide: Issues and Challenges, and in 2015, the International Handbook of Teacher Education: Training & Re-Training Systems in Modern World.

Professor João Ruivo founded and directed the scientific journal, in management, GESTIN and the journal of education and culture, ENSINO MAGAZINE, which began the XX year of publication.

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