MPI Students Welcome the Year of Ox

To spread the joy of the Chinese New Year, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) of Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) organised a series of activities to celebrate and welcome the Year of the Ox, and to encourage students to set positive goals for their studies and life. MPI students gathered to learn making traditional Chinese delicacies and writing their good wishes on traditional spring scroll paper, spreading festive vibes.

The first session of the event was kicked off by Zhang Boliang, President of the Mainland Student Association of MPI, by introducing the origin of the Lunar New Year and its customs. He took the lead by using a Chinese brush and ink to write a scroll calligraphy literally translated as “Celebrate the New Spring with Blessing from the Golden Ox”. Participating students also wrote their new year wishes and goodwill messages on the pieces of red paper for their friends and family. They also learned how to make dumplings and tasted the hometown delicacies prepared by their classmates to welcome the Chinese New Year.

SAO will organise a series of activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year, such as Spreading Spring Festival Blessings, “Hike and Succeed”, Celebrating Renri (the day of creation of human beings), CNY Challenge, Celebrating CNY with MPI etc., to bring students together to enjoy this jolly and delightful moment of the New Spring.

 MPI students celebrate CNY and welcome the Year of the Ox
 MPI students write their best wishes on the spring scroll paper

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