MPI Students Visit the Educational Patriotic Base for Youth

Students of Macao Polytechnic Institute visited the Educational Patriotic Base for Youth
The docent explained the content of multimedia to MPI students

In order to cultivate students’ sense of patriotism, reinforce the national values and promote the traditional values of love for the motherland, love for Macao, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic Institute recently organised students to visit the Educational Patriotic Base for Youth. The combination of docent, visual-aids and multimedia at the exhibition provided an in-depth understanding of Chinese and Macao history, strengthened the traditional cultural concepts for students and enhanced their national consciousness and patriotism.

Ms Ng, a student from the Bachelor of Social Science Public Administration degree programme, stated that the content of the exhibition is fascinating, with thorough presentation from national history to modern development of Macao, which explained the significance and stability of  “one country, two systems” as a necessary policy. Ms Chin, a student from the Bachelor of Management degree programme, appreciated the guidance of vivid illustration content and the easy-to-understand presentation from the docent, which led her to review the historical cultural heritage of the motherland. She would like to express her gratitude towards the motherland in positioning Macao as a “One Centre, One Platform and One Base”, which creates opportunities for the young generation in stepping onto the International Stage with economic diversification. While Mr Chen, who is a doctoral programme student of Public Policy, said that through the content displayed at the base, he has a in-depth  understanding of culture and history of the motherland; he appreciates that with the substantial support from China, Macao is rapidly being developed as cosmopolitan city.  He also wishes the motherland and Macao maintain long-term prosperity and stability.

Macao Polytechnic Institute has always fostered students’ sentiment on “Love China ・ Love Macao”; the Student Affairs Office frequently organises extracurricular activities to enhance students' sense of national identity and national pride, and their inheritance of the traditional value of patriotism. The Office regularly organises field trips for students to visit different provinces and cities in China for exchange and study purposes, and encourages them to actively integrate into the overall development of the country, embrace the opportunity of the overall situation of national development, and dedicate themselves to the prosperity of China and Macao.

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