MPI Students Visit Shenzhen to Gain Deeper Understanding of the National Situation and Explore the Development Opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

MPI students present a souvenir to the representative of Shenzhen Dashi Intelligent Co., Ltd.

In order to encourage students to become actively involved in the national development and to participate in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and with the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone marking its 40th anniversary of establishment this year, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) initiated a series of study tours titled “Entering the Greater Bay Area Hand in Hand” to Shenzhen and other core cities in the region. During the Shenzhen study tour, the MPI students visited Shenzhen University and the local technology companies for a better understanding of the results and opportunities attendant on the development of this special economic zone. With the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area being an important development of the country, these study tours enhanced the students’ awareness of and better prepared them to grasp the regional opportunities of cooperation, deepen their knowledge of the national and regional situations, reinforce their national identity, enrich their learning experiences, and understand the changes and evolving trends of society, thereby advancing their holistic development and assisting their planning of future careers.

During the three days’ visit, the MPI students visited the Shenzhen Ocean Culture Exhibition, the Shenzhen University’s Student Start-Ups Park and “No. 3 Yizhan” Art Park, as well as Shenzhen Dashi Intelligent Co., Ltd. and other technology companies. In addition, the students attended an enlightening lecture delivered by Professor Huang Yurong, Director of the Public Cultural Policy Research Center of Shenzhen University, on the transformation of Shenzhen and the general situation of its cultural development. Mr. Wang, a Master's degree student reading Big Data and Internet of Things, said that this study tour had broadened his knowledge of the current trends of the high-technology industry and its search for talents, and helped him establish clearer goals when planning his future career. Mr. Wang described the city of Shenzhen as the “China’s Silicon Valley”, where a great number of high-tech and artificial intelligence professionals gather in a nurturing environment with ample opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Mu, another participant of this Shenzhen study tour and an undergraduate majoring in Management, was impressed by the unlimited development prospect of Shenzhen, a brand-new city founded by the country’s visionaries, with an air of dynamism and liveliness. Since the implementation of the reform and open policy in Shenzhen, the city has welcomed the arrival of countless knowledgeable professionals and the like from across the country and from abroad, contributing to the formation of a solid talent base. Mr. Mu added that this study tour shed light on the entrepreneurial environment in Shenzhen and that, after graduation, he would like to move to Shenzhen and avail himself of the abundant development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.

In the context of the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, MPI has actively and consistently encouraged the mutual exchanges between the young people in Guangdong and Macao through a series of activities, such as the “Entering the Greater Bay Area Hand in Hand” study tours, in order to reinforce the devotion of the young people to their motherland and provide students with more opportunities for thematic studies, innovation, entrepreneurship and internship, thus heightening their sense of mission regarding their participation in the construction of the Greater Bay Area and laying the foundation for complying with and implementing the Macao government’s policy of better integration in the national development.

MPI students visit the Shenzhen University’s Student Start-Ups Park
MPI students visit the Smart-Life Imagination Showroom in Shenzhen

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