MPI Sends Warm Wishes to the Community

Macao Polytechnic Institute students present hand-made mufflers, knitted caps and festival gifts to the elderly

In order to cultivate the social responsibility of students and promote the spirit of selfless dedication, the Student Affairs Office of the Macao Polytechnic Institute recently organized a series of activities for the 2020 MPI Charitable Fellowship Programmes "Sending Warmth Together - Community Care Activities". The Student Affairs Office organised students to visit the elderly together with Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau, to give them hand-made mufflers, knitted caps and holiday gifts. The activities aimed to send warmth, care and love to the community, blessings and happiness to the elderly.

Volunteers from the Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau led the students to visit the Complexo de Serviços de Apoio Ao Cidadão Sénior Retribuição to learn about the living conditions of the elderly, and presented mufflers, knitted caps and auspicious decorations made by the students, hoping to send blessings and warmth to the elderly. Ms Sun, student majoring in Chinese-Portuguese Translation, said that it was a happy experience to bring happiness and warmth to the elderly. She also realised that the meaning of a rich and fruitful life is not about how much we have, but how much we give. The elderly are the precious wealth of the society. Their knowledge, wisdom and experience benefit people a lot. The attitude of enjoying life and the optimistic spirit of the elderly are worth learning by young people. Ms Cao, student majoring in Computing, specially studied the methods and precautions of operating a wheelchair to prepare for the visit. At the end of the visit, the elderly thanked all participants, and expressed that their hearts had been touched by the students' warm spirit and their enthusiasm, arousing everyone’s attention in cherishing and caring of the families.

Macao Polytechnic Institute has always attached great importance to students' moral cultivation. The Student Affairs Office organises all kinds of MPI Charitable Fellowship Programmes, encouraging students to participate in social services, develop their selfless dedication, and strengthen them in social care, embrace, and sense of mission. Students are encouraged to dedicate themselves to the society, establish positive life values, and make contributions to establish the local community social inclusion.

Students accompany the elderly for outdoor activities

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