General Information

The Campus Management and Development Department is an administrative department consisting of the Campus Maintenance and Development Office and the Construction and Procurement Office. Its major functions include:

  • Develop policies and regulations relevant to affairs regarding campus health, safety and environmental protection, and ensure that they are in line with the overall developmental direction of the Institute;
  • Manage the properties and their maintenance;
  • Develop internal operational rules for relevant engineering, goods procurement and services, and campus management, and ensure their implementation;
  • Prepare and continuously update the relevant property list;
  • Be responsible for the security, fire and cleaning services at all campuses;
  • Be responsible for the venue management at MPI Pavilion, dormitories and all campuses;
  • Be responsible for the vehicle safety and maintenance;
  • Optimize the campus environment continuously;
  • Provide logistics support for the Institute;
  • Be responsible for the planning, coordination and follow-up of the engineering projects;
  • Be responsible for the maintenance and repairing of the facilities and equipments;
  • Be responsible for the energy management which includes hydropower, air conditioning and gas systems;
  • Be responsible for the procurement of goods and services;
  • Be responsible for the material supply and management.
Organisational Chart
Campus Management and Development Department
Head of Department - Chiu Ka Wai, Willy
Campus Maintenance and Development Office
Acting Head of Office
Lei Weng I, Wing

Construction and Procurement Office
Head of Office
Leong Chi Kin, Benson


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