Quadro de Qualidade

Quality assurance is an integral part of the education culture at Macao Polytechnic Institute. It is the concern of all academic and administrative staff, from lecturers to professors, Programme Coordinators to School Directors, and heads of academic support and administrative units to members of the Administrative Board. The Institute strives to establish an effective communication system that facilitates the dissemination of good practices in quality assurance throughout the organisation. In essence, the Institute believes that education quality and quality assurance are collective institutional responsibility. These ideals are to be realised through the governance system and quality assurance mechanisms combined with a culture of quality among staff and students.

In line with the plans to further develop its quality systems, MPI’s quality framework is based around the UK Quality Code for Higher Education , which has been taken as an example of best practice. As an outcome-based approach of practice is adopted at MPI, the framework goes hand in hand with MPI’s Vision and Mission statements, its Teaching and Learning Strategy, and the Strategic Plan for 2013-2020. Substantially, MPI’s quality framework comprises:

To facilitate the quality assurance processes, a Quality Assurance Handbook is produced as a comprehensive point of reference.


Personal Data Processing Policy and Statement