Atribuição do Prémio de “Melhor Professor” do IPM - 2016/2017 Professor Premiado

Dr. Zhu Ying, Julia, School of Languages and Translation


I couldn't help but associating what I do as a teacher of English and American literature with J. D. Salinger's inspiring novel. 

The Catcher in the Rye. Though I am standing in the middle of the classroom, I often find myself doing the same thing as Salinger's catcher to "catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff", only in my case, the cliff is symbolically the subject of study. Since I am teaching literature-related courses to the third and fourth year undergraduate students at the School of Languages and Translation, I have always made sure that students would get their course outlines ahead of time during their summer or winter recesses. In so doing, students can have plenty of time to read through the selected literary works, and after the semester starts they can spend more time to cultivate their competence on literary criticism through our critical thinking and creative writing sessions. Fully aware of our students' weakness in reading and writing in a foreign language, I would encourage them to share their reading experiences and to enjoy our weekly close-reading tutorials in class. At the end of the semester, students' feedback on the subject will be taken into consideration to further optimize the selection of readings.

As a catcher, I want to make sure that students could fulfill the requirement of the subject and learn something from literature that will be helpful to their language study and their life.