Atribuição do Prémio de “Melhor Professor” do IPM - 2016/2017 Professor Premiado

Dr. Chong Man Weng, School of Arts


I would like to thank President Lei Heong Iok and the Management for this Teaching Excellence Award. This is a recognition of my teaching, and a great encouragement to me.

In recent years, most of the courses that I teach are well-received by students. I attribute this positive feedback to my commitment and enthusiasm in teaching. I find passion an indispensable element in good teaching because without passion one cannot be ready. And to be ready one has to always rely on one’s expertise, rather than on one’s presumed authority. Secondly, communication is important between teacher and students. Apart from knowledge, teachers also have to cultivate in students the right attitude towards others and life. In particular, teachers have to be approachable and encouraging, always prompting students to ask questions and speak out their views. In addition, a teacher must also be a friend to his or her students. A good teacher-student relationship will have a most positive influence on students’ studies and growth.

In conclusion, it is not easy to achieve quality teaching. However teachers differ in teaching, there is one thing that all good teachers share: an ongoing effort to enrich and improve themselves, and absorb new knowledge. In this way, they will improve teaching and have students’ recognition and respect in return.