Outreach Activity on Ecological Conservation in Hong Kong Mai Po




On 28th November, 2009, an outreach activity on Ecological Conservation in Hong Kong Mai Po was organized by Macao Polytechnic Institute. 84 students joined the tour around the Mai Po Nature Reserve to observe during the bird migration period. This activity was designed to enhance students’ consciousness of environmental and ecological conservation and to widen their knowledge about the different species of migratory birds.

Guided by naturalists, the students were divided into groups and walked into the nature reserve area, passing by fish ponds, reed fields, bird hides, the Education Centre, mangrove and lotus areas. During the tour, the students were eager to ask questions and learn more about the names and habits of the different migratory birds, the formation process of the mangroves, the conservation of fish ponds and “Gei Wai” shrimp farming.

The students found this activity very meaningful and thanked MPI for providing this opportunity to get in touch with nature and experience green culture and the significance of environmental protection. Many participating students said that they would be joining the “Photo Contest Preserves Moment of Feelings” held by MPI to share their unforgettable memories of the Mai Po Reserve.