Inquérito Sobre Alunos Graduados


1. 87% of Graduates are already employed, 6% of graduates pursued further studies, and the unemployment rate is 6%.
2. Employed graduates normally took 1.9 months to find their jobs, similar to last year's 1.7 months. The average number of applications made by our graduates prior to finding jobs was 8.1, less than last year's 9.27.
3. 65.9% of the jobs related to their major, a little lower than last year's 67%.
4. 78% of graduates thought that their majors helped them to find their jobs, lower than last year's 88.8%. 91.4% of graduates thought their majors helped them in their further studies, higher than last year's 86.4%.
5. The overall job satisfaction was 3.58, higher than last year's 3.51. But the degree of satisfaction regarding working environment, content, fitting in with one's own interest except salary were all lower than those of the previous year.
6. 68.5% of the graduates’ monthly salaries were between MOP 15,000-25,000. The average salary was MOP 16876, 16.79% higher than last year’s MOP 14,450.
7. The first 4 industries for most graduates were medical & health care and social services, public administration, casinos, and education. Comparing with the 2011/12 academic year, medical & health care and social services came first over public administration. The others remained as for the previous year.
8. Most of the graduates pursued their further studies in local universities, mainly the University of Macau and Macao Polytechnic Institute.
9. The overall graduates' assessment score for MPI was 3.65, higher than the 2011/12 academic year's 3.43. The assessment of their major was 3.64, also higher than the previous academic year's 3.54.
10. The loyalty of graduates towards MPI is still high. 83% of the graduates would choose MPI again, higher than the 2011/12 academic year's 78%. 65% would choose the same major, similar to the previous year's 66%.