“Reaching Your Full Potential”Sharing Session by Kam Kwok Leung

Kam Kwok Leung shares with MPI students the inspiration of performing arts and the development of creative potential
Group photo of Kam Kwok Leung and the teachers and students who participated in the lecture on “Reaching Your Full Potential”

To enhance students’ creative thinking and encourage self-exploration, the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) held a sharing session on “Reaching Your Full Potential” on November 13. Kam Kwok Leung, a famous Hong Kong media creator, was invited to share his journey and experience on career planning and development. He encouraged young people to turn their interests into careers, to actively seize the opportunity and look for the direction of future development.

In the sharing session, Kam Kwok Leung shared his personal growth, work experience, interest enlightenment process, and the impact of film and television media development on him. In order to discover one’s potential and show one’s advantages bravely with self-affirmation and appreciation, he encouraged students to work hard, spend time enhancing their abilities and listen to the valuable suggestions from those who have appreciative skills. Moreover, accumulation of life experience, attention to social trends and realisation of self-values would be beneficial to explore one’s suitable career paths and inspire creative thinking. Known as a “Hong Kong Talented Media Person”, Kam is a famous cross-media specialist in Hong Kong. Apart from his experiences as a screenwriter, director and actor, Kam has also been involved in the creation of popular culture and the planning of the creative industry of Hong Kong, and various upstage and backstage jobs. Being known as the most successful cross-media expert in Hong Kong, Kam is involved in cultural and art fields of television, radio, film and stage drama. He is well qualified and recognised by the industry.

The students who attended the sharing session said that the face-to-face sharing of inspiration and the discussion of the industry development with an experienced media creator was a valuable opportunity that provided guidance for their future career planning. By inviting elites from different industries to share their experience, the organiser, Student Affairs Office of MPI, seeks to enhance the youth’s ability to explore new knowledge, stimulate creative thinking and contribute to the social development of Macao.