Year 2016

French literature and art is renowned throughout the world. Mastering French is not just a personal accomplishment but also enhances the competitive edge of one’s professional and social skills. In order to provide opportunities for students to learn about and experience French culture, a series of French cultural activities was organized by the Student Affairs Office from September to November 2016.

“Les Voix Animées” A Cappella Concert 28/10/2016

“Les Voix Animées”A Cappella Concert took place on 28th October 2016 at the Auditorium. Les Voix Animées, is a team of young singers specializing in a cappella group singing. Their main repertoire is the great polyphony of the Renaissance, «Stile Antico».

French Arts Workshop 26/10/2016

French Arts Workshop was held on 26th October, 2016. Students received a general introduction to French arts while visiting to the “Edgar Degas: Figures in Motion Exhibition”.

French Cheese & Bread Workshop 19/10/2016

A ‘French Cheese and Bread Workshop’ was held on 19th October, 2016. Students learned about different types of French cheese, and tasted various kinds of French cheese & bread.

French Wines Workshop 9, 11/11/2016

Two ‘French Wine Workshops’ were held respectively on 9th and 11th November, 2016. Wine production and grape growing in different regions of France were introduced to students. After the workshops most of the students commented that they were excited to be able to taste various kinds of wine; they could practically learn wine tasting skills beyond the theoretical analysis of wine production.

French Language Course 5/9-23/11/2016