Year 2016

The guided tours raise
students’ awareness of Macao

The Student Affairs Office organized two Macao street guided tours on 29th October and 12th November 2016, for the purpose of raising freshmen’s awareness of Macao’s famous historical figures and the changes in Macao’s traditional industries, thereby aiming to inspire freshmen to think about the way for building a better society and future.

The guided tour on 29th October arranged students to visit the footprints of celebrities in Macao including Lin Zexu, Ye Ting, Matteo Ricci, Robert Morrison, George Chinnery, Luís de Camões and Cheng Kuanying, and the tour docents told the students many stories of these celebrities. The guided tour on 12th November arranged students to visit the century-old shops in Macao including a traditional Chinese gown shop, dried marine food shop, tea house and fruit wholesaler.

The participating students shared that through these two guided tours, they have understood Macao from a new perspective and have learned about the changes of Macao’s history, culture and customs. The Student Affairs Office believes that the guided tours allow students “to know the present by the past experience”, therefore letting students have a better vision of Macao’s development.

Tour docents are telling the stories about Macao’s celebrities
Shopkeepers introduce the traditions and changes in the related industries