Year 2016

A group photo after the Archery Fun Game

The Student Affairs Office organized this activity on 6th November 2016 in MPI Lecture Theatre 3 and at the Sun Soccer Sports Stadium. The topic of the Campus Life Talk was “10 Essential Elements to Achieve Success in Life”, the invited speaker sharing with students the popular conceptions (misconceptions) on “What is Success?” and his perspective on how to achieve success in life. The talk was followed by an exciting Archery Fun Game, in which students formed into teams to compete in the game. Through this funny and interactive game students enhanced their team spirit.

The participating students commented that the Campus Life Talk had inspired them to have constant faith and goals, and that persistence is the key to success. Just as in the Archery Fun Game, in order to achieve high marks, students need to pursue a shared objective and cooperate with each other. The whole day's activity was ended with students’ laughter.

Students listening to the speaker’s insights

A group photo after the talk
Students competing in the game