Year 2016

1) 法語課程  French Language Course 11/01-29/04/2016
2) 工作坊及講座  Workshops and Seminars
法式朱古力工作坊 French Chocolate Workshop 16/03/2016


This workshop let students discover the differences and histories of French chocolates and macaroons, get to know the production process of chocolate, how to manage a chocolate store by visiting the chocolate workplace and chocolate store at the Venetian Hotel, and enjoy trying some French chocolates and macaroons.

法式甜品月  French Dessert of the Month Workshop 23/03/2016

於2016年3月23日舉辦 “法式甜品月”工作坊,同學透過工作坊認識法式甜品的由來,與法國節慶的關係,並可品嚐當月節日慶賀的甜品。

The French Dessert of the Month Workshop was held on 23rd March, 2016. Different kinds of French desserts were introduced to students, including the background history of some desserts eaten on different special French anniversaries and events.

法式餐飲  French Gastronomy 24/03/2016


The workshop on French Gastronomy was held on 24th March 2016, introducing the best and well-known chefs, meals and recipes in France.

法國旅遊  Travel in France 17/03/2016


A ‘Travel in France’ seminar was held on 17th March, 2016. Students learnt how to plan a trip to France, look for a nice hotel, take a train, and where to see French vineyards or eat crepes.

法國電影  French Films 05/04/2016


A “French Films” seminar was held on 5th April, 2016, introducing a French film festival with extracts from some well known and award-winning films.

法國時裝潮流  Fashion Design in France 06/04/2016


A “Fashion Design in France” seminar was held on 6th April, 2016, presenting some famous fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel.