Year 2016

MPI organises a welcome reception for
exchange students and international students of the 2016/2017 academic year

MPI’s President Lei Heong Iok delivers
a warm welcome to international students

MPI welcomes over a hundred international and exchange students in the new academic year as part of its efforts to contribute to Macao’s strategic development as a platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries as well as to promote the internationalisation of the Institute. This measure complements a bachelor’s programme in Sino-Lusophone Trade Relations launched last year and another new programme in International Chinese Language Education offered starting this year.

MPI’s international and exchange students this year come from countries including the United States, Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Pakistan, and also from several provinces in the Chinese Mainland. They will be studying in the Institute’s various bachelor’s programmes such as Chinese-Portuguese Translation, International Chinese Language Education, Gaming and Recreation Management, Nursing, Management, Computing, Marketing and Public Administration. It is also the first time for students from Cape Verde, Brazil and Mozambique to come to MPI to study in its International Chinese Language Education and Gaming and Recreation Management programmes.

New students arrived in Macao several days ago and a dedicated team of MPI representatives gave them a warm welcome at the Macao Ferry Terminal and the Macao International Airport. Students were given welcome packs on their arrival and then escorted to their dormitories. MPI representatives also assisted students with their grocery shopping, course enrolment, medical examination, application of identification documents and opening of bank accounts to help them settle in Macao.

MPI’s Student Affairs Office organised a welcome reception for exchange students and international students of the 2016/2017 academic year at noon time on 18th August. MPI’s President Professor Lei Heong Iok, Vice-President Professor Im Sio Kei, directors of respective Schools as well as representatives from a higher education institution in Portugal attended the event. President Lei noted that as MPI opened the doors of its Taipa campus early this year, it would continue to recruit more international students in order to give full play to its role as a bridge between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries and as an initiative to expand the horizons of local students, preparing them for the ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiative. At this reception, MPI’s exchange and international students engaged in lively conversations to share their feelings and expectations as they embark on a new journey of studying in Macao. Senior students of MPI also sang Portuguese songs during this joyous occasion.

To help international and exchange students to settle into the MPI family as quickly as possible and to provide a chance for them to understand the unique 'East and West' cultural mix of Macao, the Student Affairs Office will arrange a series of orientation activities such as a one-day Macao heritage tour, campus orientation, campus talks, language exchange partner programme and parties for international and exchange students. Through these activities, MPI hopes that its students will adapt to the learning and living environment of Macao and thereby have a merry and fruitful college life.

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