Year 2013





In order to provide an opportunity for our students to broaden their international horizons and to experience a different campus culture, the Student Affairs Office arranged students to participate in the “Move to Learn” activity at Chinese Culture University, Taiwan from 21st to 25th December.

During the activity the students attended various lectures including “A Social Ethics Concept for the New Generation”, “Comparisons Between the Societies and Economies of Taiwan and Macau”, “Youths’ Whole Person Development” and “Traditional Culture in Taiwan”.  Students also visited the Library, Sports Pavilion, Hwa Kang Museum and the University Archives at Chinese Culture University, as well as traditional villages of the Hakka ethnic group in Hsinchu, Taipei.

The Student Affairs Office commented that through the “Move to Learn” activity students were able to experience diverse teaching methods, stimulating their study abilities and gaining diverse knowledge and cultural insights.

Student Sharings (Chinese only)

Students attend various lectures
Students being awarded certificates for outstanding performances
Visiting the library and University Archives at Chinese Culture University
Visiting traditional villages of the Hakka ethnic group in Hsinchu, Taipei