Year 2013





An Orientation Camp was held on 7th September at the beginning of 2013/2014 academic year to welcome MPI freshmen. The purpose of the Orientation Camp is to introduce freshmen to campus life at MPI and to develop their sense of being part of the Institute’s community. President Prof. Lei Heong Iok represented the Institute in welcoming all freshmen who were joining the MPI family. He encouraged all freshmen to persevere with their studies, establish good morals, grasp every opportunity and contribute to society and the country.

During the Orientation Camp MPI leaders, academic and administrative staff, hundreds of freshmen and their seniors wore orientation T-shirts and recited the “MPI”motto and values together. Representatives of the Student Union, the Dragon Boat Team, the Debating Teams and MPI-Bell Centre of English introduced various campus activities, whilst there were also interactive games, drama, dancing and singing performances. All the participants enjoyed the happy event.

A “Campus Hunt” activity was also held in the afternoon, in which freshmen were formed into groups and had to complete different designated tasks, including looking for particular objects or locations, taking photos and completing designated actions. Through these activities freshmen were able to become familiar with the campus facilities and services.

The Student Affairs Office which organized the event indicated that through this series of welcoming and campus life activities freshmen could gain a better understanding of MPI and this would thereby enhance the students’ whole person development in the future.