Regulations for the Management of Students' Motorcycle Parking Lot

Revised at December, 2007

The Central Services Office is responsible for the management of the students' motorcycle parking lot, located on the pathway between the MPI Chi Un Building A and the Garrison Building. The parking lot will be open to all students bearing valid student cards to park their motorcycles, subject to the regulations below .

  1. The parking lot may accommodate 180 motorcycles. Owing to limited space, MPI can not guarantee to provide all students with a parking space. Vehicles are parked on a first come, first served and free of charge basis.
  2. Opening hours of parking:07:30~23:50, all vehicles must be removed before closing time. Overnight parking is only allowed with special authorization.
  3. A violation shall be deemed to have occurred if a vehicle is found to be parked after closing time or overnight without special authorization. Administrative and security staff will advise the violator. Violations will be recorded by administrative and security staff. Any third violation of the regulations will render the violator liable to forfeiture of the right to park for 60 days. Repeated violations render the violator subject to forfeiture of parking rights for 1 year.
  4. The parking lot will be open to all registered MPI students bearing valid student cards and who have registered to park their motorcycles. Guards have the right to check student’s cards as necessary, and in instances where the student can not provide one, administrative and security staff have the right to prohibit the student from using the parking lot. All students must obey and comply with the instructions of the guards.
  5. Traffic control
    • 5.1 All motorcyclists must wear a safety helmet.
    • 5.2 Riders must at all times operate vehicles in a safe manner and in the direction designated by the traffic light signal and traffic instructions, including signs indicated on the warning board, indication plate, direction signs, traffic lanes and road.
    • 5.3 All vehicles must use the restricted driveway and must be parked within the boundaries or lines of a designated parking space. Parking is prohibited on any other place that may cause inconvenience or endanger anyone, create a hazard, or interfere with the use of facilities by others.
    • 5.4 Noise and air pollution
      • 5.4.1 In order to mitigate noise pollution and prevent accidents, the maximum speed allowed is 5 m.p.h.
      • 5.4.2 All motor vehicles must be mechanically sound. Vehicles which are excessively noisy due to mechanic problems or faulty silencers or discharging excessive exhaust fumes which exceed the “ safety standard ” stipulated by government will not be allowed to enter the campus parking lot.
      • 5.4.3 Horns or other warning devices must not be used on campus or in any parking area.
    • 5.5 Learner riders are prohibited on the campus. Flammable or dangerous goods are not allowed.
    • 5.6 Vehicles remaining in the parking lot for more than 2 weeks, displaying an expired vehicle license issued by MSAR, or which are no longer owned by an MPI student will be considered to be abandoned. Vehicles classified as abandoned will be towed away or impounded at the owner’s or the smart card holder’s expense.
    • 5.7 MPI reserves the right to remove any vehicle that causes inconvenience or endangers others.
    • 5.8 Vehicle washing is prohibited on campus and in any parking area (with the exception of MPI owned vehicles)
    • 5.9 Vehicle maintenance or mechanical work is not permitted on campus or in any parking area. (with the exception of MPI owned vehicles). Before any towing is authorized by the vehicle owner, information should be obtained in advance via e mail or in writing to the Central Services Office by the owner.
  6. The person to whom the permit is registered is personally responsible for the following:
    • 6.1 All vehicles are required to proceed cautiously without creating any hazard to others.
    • 6.2 Any MPI property damage or injury caused by his / her vehicle.
    • 6.3 The concerned vehicle operators are responsible for resolving or reporting any accident involving their vehicles on the parking lot to the Police Department at the earliest possible opportunity. Central Services Office will act only as a coordinator.
    • 6.4 MPI will not be held liable for any theft, damage or loss that may occur on campus.
    • 6.5 Students are fully liable for their own vehicle safety. MPI is not responsible for any injuries, theft, damage, or loss of any vehicle parked on campus.
  7. The parking lot will be closed when Typhoon Signal 8 is hoisted, and also in other circumstances when a closing notification is given in advance.
  8. MPI reserves the right to control the traffic on campus by refusing entry of any vehicle and monitoring vehicle activities.
  9. MPI reserves the right to delete, suspend or edit any stipulation at any time at its absolute discretion. Changes and amendments to parking regulations and rules will be announced on the MPI website ( – “student corner ” or “Central Services Office”)
  10. Appeals regarding regulations or decisions of the Central Services Office must be in writing. The deliberation of the MPI Management Board is final.
  11. For any emergency, please call the 24-hour Security hotline at 8599 6189. For any queries, please contact Mr. Alberto Coloane of the Central Services Office at 8599 6185 or email