Registration and Enrolment


A student is not officially registered for classes until he/she has paid all applicable fees and completed the entire registration procedure when he/she starts or resumes his/her studies. A student card will be issued upon registration to all new students. An administration fee will be deemed payable for replacement of student card.

Enrolment Guideline

  1. Students should complete the enrolment procedures within a specific time prior to the start of every semester (including first taking, re-taking, applying for subject equivalence, adding or dropping subjects, changing classes, exemptions from classes, etc). Late applications will not be accepted.
  2. Students are required to complete the Higher Diploma programme in order to continue with the relevant Bachelor Degree programme.
  3. Full-time students can only retake a maximum of two failed courses with other normal enrolled courses in every semester while part-time students can take a maximum of three.
  4. Students are required to enroll course according to the study plan and are recommended to first enroll in pre-requisite courses (if applicable).
  5. Students are not allowed to retake courses which have already enrolled and passed.
  6. Unless approved by the relevant School, day-time students are not allowed to enroll courses (in the same or different programmes) of evening programmes, or vice versa.
  7. Moreover,students are not allowed to enroll courses with class/exam time conflicts.  This stipulation is not applicable to those retaking courses in accordance with regulations.

Enrolment Details

  1. In the case of full-time students before the commencement of each semester,the Registry sets the pre-enrolled courses in accordance to full-time students'study year and study plan. The Registry will enroll them on all the appropriate compulsory courses offered in the academic year, in accordance with the students' respective admission year and study plan.  This information will be displayed in the “Student Information Web Services” (MPI Website > Students' Corner > Online Services for Students > Student Information Web) before the course enrolment period. For retaking failed subject, kindly refer to the followings:
    a. (applicable to 2013/2014 intake students or before)
    Students should pay attention to their own ability to retake failed courses, however, student must comply with the retake course/class waiver ‘dispensa’/cross-class examination regulations;
    b. (applicable to 2014/2015 intake students or after)
    Students are required to choose one of the followings to retake failed subjects:
    i . Students may only choose to retake failed courses of the previous years instead of enrolling in courses according to their year of study or
    ii. Students may choose to retake a maximum of two failed courses, together with the appropriate course according to their year of study;
  2. Part-time students are required to complete the enrolment procedures at the Registry in person.
  3. Pre-enrolment will be automatically arranged for students and class arrangement details will be shown in the “Student Information Web Services” – courses for enrolment section.  If there is not any information shown in the “Class” column, that might imply that the courses are most likely either have quota restrictions and are enrolled on a first-come-first-serve basis or special arrangements will be taken by the respective Schools.  For such courses, students are required to handle the relevant procedures in person at the Registry during the enrolment period.
  4. Pre-enrolment for students resuming studies will be done according to the above mentioned point no.1, therefore, such students are required to handle the relevant procedures in person at the Registry during the enrolment period.
  5. For students who do not approach the Registry for enrolment add/drop or for class transfers during the enrolment period, the pre-enrolled courses will be automatically confirmed.
  6. If students plan to apply for course equivalence for any pre-requisite courses, the corresponding follow-up or subsequent courses are not included in the pre-enrolled courses.  It is necessary to apply at the Registry within the prescribed period to add these follow-up courses.
  7. Students who have submitted applications for course equivalence for pre-requisite courses may enroll upon the follow-up courses on a conditional basis.  If their applications are approved, they may continue to attend classes for these courses.  Otherwise, enrolment of the follow-up courses will be cancelled.
  8. If no adjustments are needed to the courses enrolled as shown in the “Student Information Web Services” (MPI Website > Student Corner > Online Service for Students > SIWeb), students are not required to return to the Institute for enrolment and they should simply attend classes according to the time-table.
  9. If students do not approach the Registry within the enrolment period for add/drop courses, all pre-enrolled courses will be shown on their academic report.
  10. Students may apply at the Registry for course equivalence for all or part of the courses enrolled on within a prescribed period. Applications for and approvals of course equivalence are dealt with in accordance with separate regulations.

Exemption from Classes

  1. If students retake courses for which they have already met the attendance requirements, and class times overlap with the class times of other courses they are enrolled in, the Registry will normally automatically handle procedures of exemption from classes for the courses concerned on behalf of the student.  If not, students are required to apply to the Registry for exemption from classes within the course selection period.
  2. Students should apply in writing stating the grounds, together with valid proof, for reasons other than those mentioned above for exemption from classes.  Approval of such applications is the exclusive competence of the relevant School.
  3. In the case of approved exemption from classes, students are required to consult their lecturers concerning the requirements and arrangements regarding submission of assignments and assessments.

Cross-Class Examination

  1. If there are time conflicts at exam time and there is more than one examination time for the course, the students may attend the examination of another class.  In such cases, the student should approach the Registry to apply during the course selection period.
  2. If there is no time conflict at exam time the students must attend the exam according to the time scheduled for the course, and may not apply to attend exams at other times.