Service Training Scheme

The Student Affairs Office (DAE) is responsible for arrangement of students who are willing to serve/study in different units of MPI in their leisure time according to their applications. We hope this opportunity will not only allow student to gain internship and working experience to enrich their resume and enhance their competitiveness in workplace of the society, but also to establish a positive working attitude and to explore their careers interest.

To join the Service Training Scheme (STS), please read the following items carefully.


  • Age 18 or above with Macao citizen identity card;
  • Studying in the MPI full-time degree program (status of graduation, withdrawal, deferral of study and unofficial withdrawal are not eligible)

Documents required:

  • Completed Bank Transfer / Remittance Authorization Form;
  • 1 copy of the main page of the bankbook (with account number and the name of account holder);

Selection Criteria:

The job nature, former on-campus training performance of the applicants, student’s expertise and study program are all the factors of selection. The training unit will determine the final candidate according to their needs. MPI has the final right in the decision making.

Training Hours and Allowance:

  • Students of the STS will be given a training allowance which would have different amounts according to the task nature. After completing the training and getting confirmation by the unit, students are able to receive the allowance by the end of the forthcoming month.
  • Students are welcome to participate various training program provided by different units of the Institute but must not exceed 15 hours in total per week (from Sunday to Saturday). Otherwise, no allowance will be granted for the hours exceeded.


MPI will not issue any proof of employment for the student of this program but will issue an electronic training certificate which will be embedded automatically in the student e-portfolios at the end of the academic year. If students need to have a document of the allowance gained in a certain period, they should apply at the Finance Office of the Administration and Finance Department directly.


  • Be punctual to attend the training activity and comply with the arrangement and instructions of the unit trainer.
  • The student should keep confidentiality of their work duties. The training unit has the right to be held accountable.
  • The student must inform the related unit and the Student Affairs Office as soon as possible about changes of the study status during training (including withdrawal, deferral of study, unofficial withdrawal or graduation). If not, the training allowance would be affected and the student would fail to receive it. The student would not have the right to recover it or would have to return the excess payment.

Cancellation of the Training:

The training will be automatically discontinued if the student does not comply with the arrangement and guidance of the unit trainer and there arises a serious situation. It will also be discontinued if the student is suffering the MPI discipline of suspension, deferral of study or drop out.

Working Hours and Location:

Student Affairs Office (Chi Un Building Room A119)

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 to 13:00, 14:30 to 17:45
Friday: 9:00 to 13:00, 14:30 to 17:30

Application forms with all the necessary documentation are to be submitted at the same time.


The above notice is a translation from Chinese into English. It is for guidance only. In case of any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese version will prevail.